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When you are looking to get new flooring, you need to hire nothing but the best professionals for the job.  We offer flooring installation for New Jersey and Delaware.

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Our services include ordering the materials and the installation.   If you are ready to update the look of your building, our flooring installation can do just that. We work with residential and commercial property owners that want to have vinyl, laminate or hardwood flooring installed in their homes or businesses.  Let’s take a look at what you have in mind and we can discuss our thoughts.

When we are ready to install the flooring we do ask that you clear the room of any furniture or other objects that will get in the way of us doing our job.  We don’t want to break anything so be sure you don’t pile it up where we will have to enter the building and move around piles with bundles of wood as well.  We want a nice smooth path that we can bring in your new flooring and get started.  First, we will prepare the floor for installation.  This can mean a few things from the removal of the old flooring to preparing the subfloor.  No worries, we know what to do.  But we thought it would be nice to go over what happens during flooring inspection. During this time we will remove all wall trim if needed.  This can be done carefully so that we can simply put it back on the wall.  We will mark each piece to remember how to reassemble it as it was before. 

We Cut The Flooring Pieces As We Go!

Vinyl and laminate don’t require finishing, however, natural wood flooring sometimes does.  This depends on the wood and which product was chosen for the project.  If the wood needs to be stained and varnished, we will do this as the final step before putting back the wall trim and the final clean up.  

Installation In Residential & Commercial Spaces

Blue Line Flooring works fast, efficient and safe in residential and commercial settings across two states! There are very few steps to the process and no job is too big or small.

We do ask that on the day of the installation that you are not there if this is the main area.  This is due to us working and not wanting the area to be disturbed with people walking on subfloors and other things that might ruin the installation.  If this is the case for your flooring installation in New Jersey or Delaware we will certainly let you know. Some areas such as a bedroom or closet are areas we can work while you are home.  If you have any pets, be sure to have them in a safe place.  We do not want them to disturb the new flooring while we lay it.  

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