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Flooring Repairs In New Jersey & Delaware

We offer expert flooring repair services for both residential and commercial owners in Delaware and New Jersey.  Blue Line Flooring is a professional floor repair company that can work with your budget, expectations, and schedule.

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Most Floors Can Be Easily Repaired and Replaced

Flooring repair is sometimes an alternative to getting all new flooring.  If you have hardwood floors this is most certainly an option.  We can sand down the flooring and replace any broken or messed up the board before restaining and varnishing over.  This is a great way to give your flooring a whole new look as well.   We can stain the flooring to your liking and even go darker if you choose.  Hardwood flooring has been in homes for years and many times people will find it under old carpeting.  If you have found that you have hardwood flooring under your carpeting and want to bring it back to life, give us a call.  

Flooring repair can mean a variety of things.  If you have had a flood, for example, your laminate may start to buckle.  Some of the older laminate floorings were not waterproof but water-resistant.  Having standing water on the non-water proof laminate can cause the laminate to start to swell.  This swelling will cause the flooring to then buckle and upheave.  If you are experiencing these issues, you might want to seek professional help to see if your flooring can be repaired or if it might need to be replaced.  Flooring repair for laminate flooring is completely dependent on if it is possible to find matching flooring to replace the area.

Repair Your Commercial and Residential flooring

Vinyl flooring may be impossible to repair if it is the sheet style flooring.  It really depends on where the damage is and how much damage has occurred.  Sometimes we can find matching flooring or you have some leftover from the initial installation that we can piece in.   However, vinyl tiles, as long as you have some extras can be repaired rather easily without notice.  If you have a vinyl floor installed be sure to get a few extra tiles ordered so you have them on hand should a tile get ruined for whatever reason.  This will save you a lot of grief later on and a few extras really don’t add much to the overall cost of things.   

Repair and Refinish Floors Easily

If you have a type of hard flooring surface that we work on, which is vinyl, hardwood, and laminate and you have had something happen to your flooring, give us a call.  We can come out and assess the situation and see if it is possible to complete a repair.  Many times we can offer some suggestions if a repair is not possible but a whole new floor is not in the budget as well.  We understand budgets and we are willing to work within them to meet your expectations. 

Our goal is to have happy clients and we do our very best to meet and exceed their expectations.  We are here to answer all of your flooring questions and concerns.  We live and work in this area and take pride in our reputation.  Many of our clients are repeat customers as well as referrals.  This is because we do care and we do take the time to understand our clients’ needs and what they are looking for from their flooring. 

If you have a very high traffic area, there are high traffic options that will last for years to come.  The flooring of today is very well engineered and built to last under the toughest conditions.  We offer flooring solutions for both residential and commercial buildings.  We take the time to hear what your expectations are and determine what is best for your particular application.  Call now and find out what flooring options or repairs are best for you!

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