Types of flooring

Flooring Types For Every Need & Budget

We offer three different types of flooring, which might not sound like a lot of options but hear us out.  There are so many different choices within these three options such as the width of the planks, the length of the planks and the thickness of material.

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Consider your needs and the exact density and space of the flooring.  You could also consider the sheet or tile style that you’re hoping to deploy.  And, of course, the hardwood comes in a variety of different options as well that vary wildly in price.  You and your neighbor could use us and our materials and have completely different looks.  This is why we stick to only offering laminate, vinyl, and hardwood.  These options fit just about every budget and need.  There are many different color options and choices within these three options.  Let’s take a look at the three to help you decide which is best for you.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the most popular choice among flooring. It gives the look of hardwood but the durability of vinyl. Laminate flooring is durable and can come waterproof as well. This type of flooring can look like wood and is wood, but not as thick as actual wood flooring. It is an engineered composite style flooring. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of different options for the type of foot traffic it is going to endure. It also comes in different thicknesses. If you like the look of fine rich wood but don't have the budget, this is the perfect choice for you. People are getting all kinds of very unique woods installed as well. And, it comes eco-friendly. Laminate flooring is great for hiding the imperfections that the subflooring may have, unlike vinyl. It is great for coving up minor flooring issues that would otherwise be complex to fix.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a classic flooring option. Some advantages of hardwood flooring are that they are durable and can be somewhat water-resistant if finished off correctly. They add value to the home and can come in a wide variety of plank styles and wood types. If the flooring is damaged in some way, it can be repaired, rather than replaced. It is easy to clean and doesn't hold the dust and debris that say carpet would. Besides the warm appearance and the sound of the wood floor, it is easier for most homeowners to fit mobilizers with it instead of carpeting. Wood is white, while mopping requires a palette of colours. When you refurbish a room, the neutral quality of wood is especially valuable. Tile and tapestry will reduce the option of design or furnishings but a wooden floor can be removed, sanded and polished with a light and clear stain, no matter if you are aiming to be ultramodern, with steel and plastic furniture. Nevertheless, a hardwood floor's warmth goes beyond its size.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is easy to install and easy to clean up. It is typically waterproof and comes in a variety of various designs. Vinyl flooring is available in sheets as well as tile options. The tile option is very popular in the commercial industry as this type of flooring is great for sterilized conditions. It also works really well in rooms that need to be static-free. Vinyl flooring is the most inexpensive option on the market as well, which also helps with its popularity. It is quick and easy to install and looks amazing when done. To get your vinyl flooring looking amazing you need to ensure that the subflooring is very clean and free of any debris. This type of flooring will show any and all imperfections found under it. Builders of all sorts love this floor for its versatility.

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