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We offer laminate flooring services for both residential and commercial owners in Delaware and New Jersey.  Blue Line Flooring is a professional laminate installer company that can help you with your budget, expectations, and schedule.

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Quality Laminate Floors Are Durable and Affordable

Laminate flooring installation is typically a simple process that when the floor is prepared correctly, it turns about beautifully.  We want to install your laminate flooring today!  We work with residential and commercial clients.  

 Sometimes a higher grade laminate is needed for those high traffic areas, however, in a bedroom or other low traffic areas, a less robust flooring is needed.  Laminate flooring is engineered to be very durable.   It comes in a wide variety of designs and color options.

Laminate Installers You Can Trust

Laminate flooring has been around forever and has a really long lifespan.  Over the years the engineering of it has been improved.  It is perfect for kitchens and baths, or where the flooring might get wet.  It is also a great option for entryways.  Don’t worry the laminate flooring of today is nothing like what you have seen in the past.  It comes in a variety of designs, including wood looking designs that are very elegant.  It is a great option for some commercial facilities as well.  

Laminate flooring is budget-friendly

Laminate flooring is an inexpensive way to get your flooring complete.  It is great for many applications. It is durable and can be waterproof.  There are different types of laminate flooring and different looks.  It comes in different thicknesses.  The thicker the flooring the longer it is supposed to last but of course that comes at a cost as well.   Some laminate flooring will require gluing, while others do not.  

When you decide that laminate flooring is what you are going with.  Then you will have some other choices to make. This means that you will need to decide what type of laminate flooring you are wanting, how long you want that flooring to last and what your budget is.  Getting the right laminate flooring for your application has never been easier.  You can just answer a few questions and we can pick the perfect flooring for you.

Let's Discuss Your Laminate Flooring Options

Not into all the details and just want a beautiful floor?  Not a problem. We will go over what your expectations are and what our options are.  Once we have decided we can pick a date that will best work with both our schedules and schedule you in.  When the work begins we do ask that we start with a cleared room.  This room should be ready for us to come in and tear out the old flooring and brig in the new.  

If you have old flooring that we are tearing out, we may need to get a dumpster rental.  If this is necessary we will discuss with you where you’d like this dumpster.  Also, when clearing the room be sure to leave a nice path for us to get through with our bundles of new laminate flooring.  It is important that we can get the work area with ease as these are not lightweight at times.  If you should have any questions or concerns regarding your laminate flooring, just ask! 

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