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We offer hardwood flooring services for both residential and commercial owners in Delaware and New Jersey.  Blue Line Flooring is a professional hardwood installer company that can help you with your budget, expectations, and schedule.

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Our hardwood floor installation process depend on what type of hardwood flooring you have chosen.  This can be a simple process that we just need to snap the boards in place or a more complex solution with stain and varnish involved.  When you have us stain and varnish the hardwood floors you will be given some options of how many coats you would like, what type of finish and this finish protects better than having them just put together.  The cracks are actually sealed making them more durable.  However, sometimes this extra step really isn’t needed.  If you are looking for flooring in a low traffic area such as a bedroom, then you don’t need something that is waterproof and super durable. These spaces often get less foot traffic than other spaces in the home and can use the more simple option to save on costs.

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However, we will listen to our clients and give them what they want.  If you prefer the look of having them hand stained and varnished, we can do that for you.  Let us know what your expectations are and what hardwood flooring you are looking at.  There are many hardwood flooring kinds of wood to choose from too.  Most of these woods can be stained in various colors or come stained in various colors.  Some will age with time and become darker, while others are more stable.  Should you want to understand the wood flooring that you have chosen better, let us know. We work with wood flooring all the time and understand what to expect from it.  We can offer suggestions as well as educate our clients on the various woods and which are best for which applications.   

New Jersey and Delaware Flooring Services

We offer three types of flooring installations for all of Delaware and New Jersey. These are laminate, vinyl, and hardwood. There are different reasons to have each of these in your home. Some people simply like the look of a particular flooring over another. Others are looking for something that can handle a lot of wet traffic.  Whatever your needs we are here to help! We work with our clients to come up with the best solution for your particular needs. We take the time to listen and really understand what it is that you expect from us. Let’s make your flooring installation go smoothly and the flooring to last for years to come. 

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When it comes to hardwood installation we believe in working with nothing but the best materials.  This means that the lines will be straight and the wood will be easier to install.  We want the outcome to be beautiful and want these beautiful wooden floors to last for decades to come. 

There are different ways of cleaning the floor.  We are here to help with your flooring cleaning questions as well.  We want your floors to be amazing and continue to for years to come.  To do this, you need to ensure that you keep them swept, as the dirt and debris can scratch them.  Also, be certain that you don’t have a lot of standing water on them, as this can ruin the finish.  Should you have questions on the best cleaning methods for your particular flooring, ask!  We are always happy to help and of course, we love to talk about wood flooring.

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss with you the hardwood flooring options and get some ideas on what would look and work the best for your particular application.  Should you have questions or concerns, we are happy to address them as well.  Call now!

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