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We offer vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring services for both residential and commercial owners in Delaware and New Jersey.  Blue Line Flooring is a professional vinyl installer company that can help you with your budget, expectations, and schedule.

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Quality Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Floors Are Beautiful and Resilient

Vinyl flooring installation is simple when you have the professionals do it for you.  We install vinyl flooring for both residential and commercial buildings.  Vinyl flooring has been around for generations.  It has been engineered to be durable and it’s not your grandma’s vinyl flooring.  We offer some beautiful vinyl flooring that even has the look of wood, ceramic tile, and other beautiful designs.  Vinyl is the least expensive flooring available and can really brighten a room.  It used to be used in only bathrooms and kitchens, but lately, we have seen whole homes go vinyl and why not?  

Vinyl flooring is super easy to keep clean as well.  It is waterproof, which makes it ideal for kitchens, baths, and entryways.  It can be simply mopped up and swept with ease.  Or you can even run a vacuum cleaner over it.  It is durable and doesn’t scratch easily which makes it great for a playroom as well.  

Your flooring is an extension of you.  It is a personal preference and can really change up the room.  Be sure to get flooring that works with your family and your lifestyle.  There are two types of vinyl flooring, sheet vinyl, and vinyl tiles.  Sheet vinyl is easier to install and is more waterproof than vinyl tiles.  However, vinyl tiles replicate the look of ceramic or other tiles. 

Commercial and Residential vinyl flooring installation

In commercial settings where the flooring needs to be sterilized often, vinyl tile is a great choice.  It is also a great option for clean and static-free environments.  Vinyl flooring is not only great for commercial flooring but it is wonderful for residential flooring as well.  It reduces noise, is easy on the feet and holds up under heavy foot traffic.  However, there are some disadvantages to vinyl flooring as well.  Direct sunlight is hard on vinyl flooring and should be avoided.  It typically will fade and discolor in direct sunlight. Sharp objects are hard on vinyl floors and should be avoided.   It also does not stand up well to heavy loads.  

The sub-flooring below the vinyl needs to be really smooth.    Vinyl flooring will show any and all imperfections that it is laid over.  That is why it is really important to get the subflooring down properly before putting down the vinyl flooring. We understand this very well and are certain that you will love your new floor.

Choose vinyl floor coloring wisely

Whether you are looking at vinyl flooring for commercial properties or residential, we can help.  We work with clients to determine which vinyl flooring is best for your application.  The floor is a large aesthetic part of the room.  Because of this, it is important to choose the coloring wisely.  If you need help with this, just ask. 

We take the time to get to know our clients.  We want to understand what your expectations are, as well as your budget.  Taking the time to really understand what the room is going to be used for is important to us.  Our company prides itself on its amazing customer service and reputation.  We want to continue that with each client that gives us a call.   We set out to not only meet your expectations but exceed them!  Call today!

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